Bay Area Drainage, Inc can install and maintain hardscape features throughout.  Typical small-scale hardscaping examples include brick or paver patios and sidewalks or walkways.  Other materials can be used as well such as flagstone and stamped concrete.  Retaining walls are often used to create boundaries between hardscapes and earth landscaping features, or softscapes. Most artificial water features are technically hardscapes as well.

From an aesthetic perspective, hardscaping allows us to erect landscaping features that would otherwise be impossible due to soil erosion, or that compensate for large amounts of human traffic that would cause wear on bare earth or grass. For example, sheer vertical features are possible.

How Will Bay Area Greenscapes Work with You?

A hardscape contractor constructs, maintains, repairs, installs, or subcontracts the development of hardscape systems such as brick or paved patios, sidewalks, walkways retaining wells and also artificial water features. In connection therewith, a hardscape contractor prepares for the installation of any architectural, horticultural and decorative treatment or arrangement.

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