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Plant Installation

We are expert horticulturists with a love for outdoor space planning, combining green and hardscapes into wonderful livable spaces. We are happy to work with existing landscape architecture plans — but we also can help you plan your yard with you.


Plants and trees can add infinite opportunities to bring your landscape to life through scale, texture, and depth. Proper plant installation is critical to getting your project completed and headed in the right direction.

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Bay Area Greenscapes helps you choose the best plants for your soil type, sun level, location in the garden, etc.  We pride ourselves on installing the best quality plants, shrubs and trees and focus on best horticultural practices for proper plant installation:

  • Conduct a soil test
  • Prepare the soil by incorporating organic soil amendments
  • Plan proper plant spacing and placement
  • Installing plants and backfill
  • Removing temporary staking and weaving vines into the panels
  • Installing irrigation
  • Applying mulch and fertilization
  • Cleaning up.

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