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Sod Installation

Many people still love sod grass in small or large outdoor spaces as sod can make the landscape atheistically pleasing as well as softer for walking. The blades of grass in sod farms are grown within close proximity of one another to prevent weeds from sprouting and germinating.


Sod turns a bare patch of ground into a grass-covered lawn as soon as you finish installing it. You get the instant satisfaction of having a green yard. With proper care, your newly sodded yard will be ready for use in 3-4 weeks. The average size yard can be installed in a few hours at a modest cost.

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One of the great things about sod is that it can be laid any time of year. It can be laid down in a matter of just hours, and after some initial maintenance, you can start enjoying it almost right away. Bay Area Greenscapes can help you:


First, create a plan. Once you decide you want sod, we can help you choose the right high-quality sod for you and your garden landscape.  We measure and kill all old grass or existing plant material. Proper soil preparation and grading are important so that the grassroots to penetrate deeply and evenly upon installation, which will make the lawn more drought resistant, more water-efficient, and denser as new grass plant shoots emerge.


Lay the sod. Once you have a nicely graded area ready for sod installation, it is time to have your sod delivered and installed. We are experts at laying sod and ensuring a quality seam. We install immediately when it’s delivered as sod is a perishable product. We arrange the rolls so there is a minimum amount of traffic on the prepared soil and the newly installed grass. We immediately water and fertilize sections so the sod does not dehydrate.


Hand roll the installation. A roller ensures good soil-to-soil contact between the sod and your soil. Air pockets are bad for new sod because they allow the sod to dry out much more quickly.


Watering is perhaps the most important part of the sod installation. Since sod needs time to develop its root system, watering must be frequent for the first two weeks. We will provide the first day’s watering and instruct you as to how to water in the coming weeks and months.

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