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Synthetic lawn

Synthetic Grass Installation

Many homeowners and businesses are making the switch to artificial lawns because of their beauty and the water savings these alternatives provide. We have extensive experience not only providing and installing attractive and eye-popping synthetic grass products, but also in earthwork, grading, construction, excavating, and paving with a diverse set of hardscape options.


One of the most popular pain points artificial grass relieves is the constant attention natural lawn requires. Natural lawn maintenance isn’t as simple as it appears, as the mow height, how much you water, and how much you feed your lawn will determine whether or not your lawn attracts disease. Synthetic lawns make life much easier!

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We provide a 6-step process:


  • Pre-installation entails removing the existing plant matter by rough grading, capping or relocating sprinklers, and installing bender boards.
  • Base preparation is a mix of gravel and sand that allows for proper drainage along with proper base distribution and leveling to account for sloping.
  • Wetting the existing base allows through compaction, which establishes a solid base in which to drive the nails while installing the turf.
  • Trimming the turf to fit your specific area with one inch excess for tucking and seaming with nails to prevent slippage.
  • Applying the anti-bacterial filler sand, which holds the grass blades upright and gives the turf more weight.
  • Final grooming with a power brush to force the infill sand into the base of the turf for settling and optimal stability. Follow up the process to remove any excess debris.

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